Earlier litters


List of litters, more information can be found on the litters individual pages

The Dresden Files


McCoy, Bob, Ivy and Lasciel


The Criminal minds

Emily, Reid, Haley, Morgan and Jason


The Shoe Brands

Billi, Kvik, Kat, Jack and Skofus



The Nobel Laureates

Peyton, Theo, Willem and Albert


The Kentucky Derby Winners

Krumme, SimSim, Wiggo, Fey, Ginny and Willy


The Epsom Derby Winners

Tony, Lille My, Aimee, Teddy, Ælling and Ditto


The Discworld Characters

Rhys, Budy, Samuel, Adora, Willikins and Princess


The page was last updated on the 15.5.2016


• McCoy won BIS male neuter and BIS veteran in Odense 18. and 19.11.2017


• Mikki is no. 1 Top Cat on Européklubben's list of Top Cat Adults


• McCoy won BIS neuter in Hørning 15.1.2017


• December 2016: Athea is now Distinguished Merit!


• Tiya gave to a litter of boys at Helenes


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