The Nobel Prize Laureates

Our fourth litter are named after Nobel prize laureates in physiologi (the field closest to my biologist heart).


Trille gave birth to 4 kittens. The kittens are after our own Trille and SC Eife's Ebenezar McCoy.

CH Trille, f 22

SC IP Eife's Ebenezar McCoy ,DVM, ns 22


Peyton, Theo, Willem og Albert, 15 weeks




Eife's Willem Einthoven

Black silver classic tabby


Eife's Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell

Creme classic tabby


Eife's Bernardo Alberto Houssay

Blue classic tabby


Eife's Peyton Rous

Black silver classic tabby


Peyton is a black classic tabby boy. He's a real charmer with the preference of his grandmother and fathers for being on my shoulders. See more pictures in Peyton's album.

Peyton, 5½ weeks

Albert is a blue classic tabby boy. He is a playful little teddybear. See more pictures in Albert's album.

Albert, 5½ weeks

Willem is a black classic tabby boy. He is a sweet and gentle little rascal.

More pictures can be found in Willem's album.

Willem, 5½ weeks

Theo is a cream classic tabby boy. He is a very charming and cuddly little boy. See more picture in Theo's album.

Theo, 5½ weeks



• All of Majs kittens have found new homes


• Levi won BIS adult male at European Breed BIS 2018


• McCoy is no. 1 Top Cat on Européklubbens list of Top Cat Neuters and Europeringens Top Cat list All Cats


• McCoy won BIS male neuter and BIS veteran in Odense 18. and 19.11.2017


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