European shorthairs at Eife's

On this page there's information about our cats. The more personal description of them can at the moment only be found in danish.

All the show results can be found in danish on the show-page.

GIC PR Saurtos Athea, DM 

Sire: Starsfromheavens Balder

Dam: Wehnert's Mademoiselle

Sex: Female

Colour: Black silver classic tabby (ns 22)

Genotype: AABBCCDdIimcmcoo

Title: Grand International Champion (GIC), Premier (PR) and Destinguished Merit (DM)

Status: Neuter (from autumn 2014) - She now lives with our neighbour and her two kids.

Athea, 4 years



SC SP Eife's Ebenezar McCoy, DVM

Sire: GIC, IP Mumindalens Ikaros 

Dam: GIC Saurtos Athea

Sex: Male

Colour: Black silver classic tabby (ns 22)

Genotype: AABBCCDdIimcmcoY

Title: Supreme Champion (SC), Supreme Premier (IP) and Distinguished Show Merit (DVM)

Status: Neuter (from spring 2014)

McCoy, 4 years



CH Eife's Peyton Rous

Sire: SC IP Eife's Ebenezar McCoy, DVM

Dam: CH Trille

Sex: Male

Colour: Black silver classic tabby (ns 22)

Genotype: A-B-C-DdIimcmcsswwoY

Title: Champion

Status: Neuter




GIV Eife's Go for Gin

Parents: PR Kassilan Seudun Shemeikka og GIC IP Saurto's Athea

Sex: Female

Colour: Black spotted tabby (n 24)

Genotype: A-B-C-DdiiMcmcsswwoo

Title: Grand International Champion (GIC)

Status: Fertile

Ginny, 8 months




Besides the europeans we have two neuters, a housecat and a maine coon. They have their own (danish) page here.

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