The Kentucky Derby litter


• 2020: Ronja gave birth to 5 kittens

• 2020: Beka gave birth to 4 kittens 

• Freja won BIS kitten in Hedensted in March 2019

•  Beka won BIS adult female in Skanderborg in January 2019

•  McCoy is no. 1 Top Cat on Européklubben's list of Top Cat Neuters and Europeringens Top Cat list All Cats

The Kentucky Derby winners

Our fifth litter are named after winners of the Kentucky Derby, due to a shared interest in horses with my friend that had the finnish father living with her.

Athea gave birth to 6 fine and healthy  kittens on the 5th of July.The kittens are after GIC Saurto's Athea and Kassilan Seudun Shemeikka. They are the third and last litter after Athea.

GIC Saurto's Athea, ns 22

Kassilan Seudun Shemeikka, a 23

The pedigree of the combination can be seen here. Galleries with pictures of the litter here.




Eife's Whirlaway

Black spotted tabby (n 24)


Eife's Silver Charm

Black silver spotted tabby (ns 24)


Eife's Wintergreen

Blue mackerel tabby (a 23)


Eife's California Chrome

Blue silver mackerel tabby (as 23)


Eife's Go for Gin

Black spotted tabby (n 24)


Eife's Flying Ebony

Black spotted tabby (n 24)


Eife's Whirlaway

Quite at little "bulldozer", that still melts in our hands when petting him. He's nicknamed Willy, as Whirlaway easily could be slurred to something in that area.


Willy, 4½ weeks

A typical playful and charming little boy, that has the nickname SimSim.

SimSim, 4½ weeks

A gentle and loving little boy. He was named Wiggo unanimously by a bunch of friends visiting the day after I'd named the kittens.

Wiggo, 4½ weeks

A sweet and very cuddly little boy, that just become mush in ones hands is names for both his colour and because his nick name then could be Krumme (meaning Crumb).

Krumme, 4½ weeks

She is one of the kittens where the name was just obvious, as she's an active and intelligent little lady with a lot of curiosity. Her nickname Fey is based on a combination of the first letters and last letter from her name.

Fey, 4½ weeks

Eife's Go for Gin

She's such a sweetheart, and had to keep her at home. She's called Ginny.

More pictures can be seen here.

Ginny, 12 weeks

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