The Nobel Prize Laureates

Our fourth litter are named after Nobel prize laureates in physiologi (the field closest to my biologist heart).

Trille gave birth to 4 kittens. The kittens are after our own Trille and SC Eife's Ebenezar McCoy.

CH Trille, f 22

SC IP Eife's Ebenezar McCoy ,DVM, ns 22

Peyton, Theo, Willem og Albert, 15 weeks




Black silver classic tabby


Creme classic tabby


Blue classic tabby


Black silver classic tabby


Peyton is a black classic tabby boy. He's a real charmer with the preference of his grandmother and fathers for being on my shoulders. See more pictures in Peyton's album.

Peyton, 5½ weeks

Albert is a blue classic tabby boy. He is a playful little teddybear. See more pictures in Albert's album.

Albert, 5½ weeks

Willem is a black classic tabby boy. He is a sweet and gentle little rascal.

More pictures can be found in Willem's album.

Willem, 5½ weeks

Theo is a cream classic tabby boy. He is a very charming and cuddly little boy. See more picture in Theo's album.

Theo, 5½ weeks


• Beka gave birth to 3 kittens

• Freja won BIS kitten in Hedensted in March 2019

•  Beka won BIS adult female in Skanderborg in January 2019

•  McCoy is no. 1 Top Cat on Européklubben's list of Top Cat Neuters and Europeringens Top Cat list All Cats


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