The Shoe Brand litter

The Shoe brands

Our third litter was born in 2013, and are named after brands of shoes, inspired by the name of their father, which can be translated to Søren Shoe.

Haley gave birth to 5 kittens on the 29th of May 2013.

The kittens are after our own CH Eife's Haley Hotchner and IP Wehnert's Søren Sko.

CH Eife's Haley Hotchner, ns 22

PR Wehnert's Søren Sko, n 22

The Shoe brands-litter was Best In Show Kuld litter on the show in Vamdrup the 1th of september.


Billi, Kvik, Kat, Jack og Skofus

Shoe-litter 11 weeks




Eife's Jack Wolfskin

Black silver classic tabby


Eife's Shoe the Bear

Black classic tabby


Eife's Billi Bi

Black silver classic tabby


Eife's Kat von D

Black classic tabby


Eife's Quicksilver

Black silver classic tabby


The pedigree of the litter can be seen here.

Eife's Shoe the Bear - aka Skofus - is a very charming little trouble maker. He's quite talkative, and love to cuddle at ones lap and to be a part of everything. He's a black classic tabby boy (EUR ns 22. More pictures of him can be seen here.

Skofus, 11 weeks

Eife's Jack Wolfskin er is a happy little boy. He's a black silver classic tabby boy.

More pictures of him can be seen here.

Jack, 11 weeks

Eife's Billi Bi er is a speedy little dude, that loves to be next to "his human". He's a black silver classic tabby male (EUR ns 22). More pictures can be seen here.

Billi, 11 uger

Eife's Kat von D is a very adorable and brave little girl. She loves to tackle her brothers. More pictures of her is here.

Kat, 11 weeks

Eife's Quicksilver is a smart and alert little sweetheart. She's a black silver classic tabby girl (EUR ns 22). More pictures can be seen here.

Kvik, 11 weeks